Elimination Diet

After struggling a long time with my digestion I’ve decided to start an elimination diet to determine if I have a food allergy or intolerance.

Food Group



meat, fish, poultry chicken, turkey, lamb, cold water fish red meat, pork, processed meats, eggs and egg substitutes
dairy rice, soy and nut milks milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt
legumes all (beans, lentils)
vegetables all creamed or processed
fruits all (fresh or juiced)
starches potatoes, rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa gluten and corn containing products (pastas, breads, chips), whey
breads/cereals any made from rice, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, teff, millet, soy or potato flour, arrowroot all made from wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley
soups clear, vegetable-based canned or creamed
beverages fresh or unsweetened fruit / vegetable juices, herbal teas, filtered / spring water coffee/tea, alcohol, sodas
fats/oils cold/expeller pressed, unrefined lightshielded canola, flax, olive refined oils, salad dressings, pumpkin, sesame, and walnut oils margarine, shortening, soy, butter,  and spreads
nuts/seeds all
sweeteners brown rice syrup, fruit sweeteners brown sugar, honey, fructose, molasses, corn syrup, condiments (ketchup/mustard), candy, sweets, processed foods

Weekly Schedule

Days Food
1-14 Elimination Base
15-18 Elimination Base + Intro Meats*
19-22 Elimination Base + Intro Dairy*
23-26 Elimination Base + Intro Beverages*
27-30 Elimination Base + Intro Starch, Breads & Cereals*
31-34 Elimination Base + Intro Sweeteners*
35-38 Elimination Base + Intro Eggs*
39-42 Elimination Base + Intro Fats*


*Eat that food group for 1 day then observe the results over the next 2 days.